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Q1:  Why are ticket sales required?
A1:  We've listened to your suggestions and switched to lottery calendars for this year.  Again, as in the past ticket sales are not required, but are built into the price of registration to allow families an opportunity to reduce their price of registration.  In case of an economic hardship, you can receive additional tickets up to the entire cost of registration.

Q2:    Is it true that if my son plays for WVR he won't be able to play for the high school team when he's older?
A2:   Completely FALSE! North Hills School District is not associated with any youth baseball organization, and does not favor players from any youth organization (regardless of the youth organization they play under)

Q3:  Why don't you offer fast pitch softball?
A3:  Good news! We do offer fast pitch softball.  The fast pitch program is combined program with North Hills AA and parents can sign up under either program.

Q4:  What goes on at the Board Meetings?
A4:  Its a secret.  No its not, but stop up to a meeting.  We'd love to see some new faces.  Board meetings generally are the last Wednesday of every month at Scharymn Park at 7pm.  We might even give you a double secret decoder ring.

Q5:  Why do I have to work the concession stand?
A5:  More good news! Again, we've listened to your suggestions and have removed the obligation to work in the concession stand!