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West View Ross Baseball & Softball


Renegades has been the West View Ross Tournament Baseball & Softball program for the past 7 years and plays in local tournaments following the Spring rec-ball season.  Tournament ball allows kids the opportunity to play competitive baseball or softball against great competition along with offering the opportunities to continue to build off of what players have learned during the rec season.  Renegades is NOT Travel Ball.  All tournaments are local and usually no more than a 20-minute drive from Scharmyn Park.  While more competitive than regular season play, the focus for our Renegades players is still to have fun, build friendships and learn new skills.

The baseball season consists of half a dozen tournaments from June through mid-August.  While the format for each tournament is a little different, teams are typically guaranteed to play in three games for each tournament.  Tournaments sometimes start on a Thursday and wrap up on Sunday giving players typically one game per day leading into bracket play.  Other tournaments start on Saturdays and schedule three or four games between Saturday and Sunday.

There are additional costs in entering your child into tournament baseball and softball which are used to cover the player's uniform and tournament fees.  However, WVR is able to hold fundraising events to limit those costs for parents as costs should never be a barrier to a player's opportunity to compete.  If you have any questions concerning Renegades, please email us at [email protected] or contact Nick at 412-627-2394 for baseball and Jim at 412-400-4292 for softball.  We hope you consider Renegades baseball and softball this coming summer and we look forward to seeing everyone on the field.